Senior Helpers Franchise Techology

How can we help you with your Senior Helpers technology needs?

What is the address of your location?(Required)
Do you prefer to purchase the phones up front or rent them as part of a monthly service?
Do you have an existing office telephone number you'd like to continue using?
Do you want an omni-directional conference phone?
Will you need back-up wireless ISP?
Internet Service Providers (ISPs) vary by state/region so ProfitComm will advise on what services are available at what price points based on the minimum requirements set forth by Senior Helpers corporate IT.
Is the office wired for Local Area Network (LAN) for data?
The typical e mail set up is First initial, last name
4G wireless devices are required because not every patient will have suitable internet to support the Senior Helper App. Approved wireless 4G options are: Lenovo Tablet set up with keyboard ($329), Lenovo Chromebook ($399), Lenovo 2in1 laptop ($559).