Technology Expense Management

Sometimes, you don’t need the latest technology. You just need the technology services you have, better managed. 

For all of our technology services, we begin with analyzing what you currently have. Then, we compare that to what you actually need to run your business effectively. We then use our RFP Alternative process to find you the right solution for your telecom needs. With our managed telecom services, we manage the relationship with the vendor so that you receive excellent customer service. 

Furthermore, large telecom companies do not have the ability to consolidate phone bills– meaning if you have multiple locations with multiple landlines and wireless, you get a bill for each location. There are vendors that can consolidate this to a single bill. We match you with the right vendor, who can simplify the billing process. And, in most cases, save you money. 

Technology Expense Management

We offer technology expense vendor management for cloud services as well as wireless, analog lines, and other technologies. 

Wireless Communications

We partner with several vendors to offer a range of wireless communications solutions. Whether you are looking for wireless security software, wireless access points in an office, workforce cellular devices, or work from home options, we can find a wireless vendor that matches your needs.

Analog Lines

While VOIP is becoming the most common phone service and there are many ways of transferring documents through the cloud or wirelessly, some offices still need analog lines. Some businesses still don’t need unified communication or cloud solutions, and traditional phone lines are [adequate]. Fax machines still require analog lines, and for some industries, fax is an easy and secure method to transfer documents. Alarm systems also traditionally use analog lines. We can help you find the vendors that offer analog solutions, and incorporate them into your greater wireless and/or cloud-based systems.


PRIs, or Primary Rate Interfaces, are phone lines that are hard wired into a building. While many businesses are opting for VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), PRIs still exist and IP PRIs bridge the gap between traditional PRIs and VOIP. PRIs can have limitations, such as employees being in one place and limited access to lines. We can help you manage your PRI vendor, or determine whether another method of telephony could work for your business.

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