Data Networks

Find the best way to manage your data networks.

With the landscape of work changing, many businesses have to consider where and how their data travels. Rather than having one office or store, you might have multiple locations that all need to transfer data to the same place where servers are housed, or to different locations. Vendors offer a variety of managed data networks using different technology solutions. ProfitComm can help you figure out what data network suits your needs, and find the managed data network provider that meets those needs. The vendor will set up the data networks and manage deployments and on-going support. 


With SD-WAN, your data travels over multiple available networks to prioritize the needs of your applications and reduces connectivity failures. The service provides your business with a network that is resilient enough that allows you to access it anywhere and increases productivity. 


MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) offers a variety of access methods and speeds, and with multiple classes of service, provides flexibility, scalability and ease of use. Managed MPLS-VPN offers businesses an extremely flexible, scalable and secure WAN service with little complexity.

Private Line 

Private lines offer a secure data network with no encryption needed. This circuit is closed and does not use the public internet. 

Wireless/ Fixed Wireless 

Wireless and fixed wireless data networks exclusively use satellites, mobile hotspots, and microwave technology to provide connectivity when wired connections are not available. 


Broadband is a technology that uses wide bandwidth to transfer data. This category can include cable, DSL networks, and fiber optic cables. 

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