Desktop as a Service/ Virtual Desktop

Securely deliver desktops anywhere.

Embracing a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution can provide flexibility and security for your workforce. DaaS securely provides a virtual desktop from the cloud to users anywhere on any device.

Your employees and staff can access a desktop using any device, from a laptop to their phone, using an internet browser or a dedicated app. These virtual desktops are stored in a provider’s data center, reducing the need for infrastructure and hardware. Furthermore, with DaaS you don’t need expensive computers with big hard drive processing powers since the processing happens off-site.

The cloud nature of DaaS also allows you to quickly set up computer systems. The Golden Image, or a pre-configured template for users, means the desktop is replicated across the entire system and you can get computers up and running much more quickly than traditional devices.

Managed DaaS services also include security, upgrades, and maintenance, further reducing the IT burden on your company. Most DaaS providers also have subscription and monthly plans, allowing you to scale up and down as needed.

While telework and work-from-home solutions can often benefit from DaaS, other industries embracing remote desktops include companies that are growing rapidly, that have multiple client centers like health care providers, and those with seasonal or project-based employees.

Find out whether managed DaaS solutions are right for your business by contacting us below. We help you discover whether DaaS is the right solution for you and what provider fits your needs. Then, using our RFP Alternative process, we get cost-conscious bids so you can choose the best provider.

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