ProfitComm Completes Four Avant Trusted Advisor Certifications

Earlier this month, Denis O’Donovan and Heather Vereecken completed the first four Avant Trusted Advisor™ certification courses. Avant’s goal as a company is to help customers understand communications technology and find one that meets their needs. They also know you can’t do this alone. They developed these certifications so you, as the customer, know you have someone who can help you navigate the confusion in the market, with rapid changes in IT and technology changes.

Understanding Rapidly Changing Technologies

Avant purposefully designed these courses so that Trusted Advisors,™ like Denis, have a comprehensive understanding of the features, differentiators, value propositions, and the competitive landscape of each service type and the vendors that supply those services. Direct vendor employees are trained only to know one company’s products and services. As vendor management experts and a Trusted Advisor™, we know how to listen to your needs and guide you through a multi-vendor evaluation process.

Guiding You Through the Decision-Making Process

At ProfitComm, the Trusted Advisor™ certification is building on over two decades of industry experience. In addition, we use a unique blend of the Pathfinder IT decision-making platform developed by Avant, industry-leading engineering resources, a proven vendor engagement process, and a customer-facing deliverable. We call this the RFP Alternative. The RFP Alternative process is designed to save customers tremendous amounts of time, money, and headaches compared to traditional RFPs, where a customer has to manage not only the proposal but also needs knowledge of their needs and the current state of technologies offered.

Better Serving Technology Customers

In addition to the Avant Trusted Advisor Certifications, Denis is a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business alumni for the course he completed in 2019 in Baltimore. As a technology vendor management expert, Denis views these programs and certifications as valuable training to better serve ProfitComm customers and partners in the ever-changing technology vendor landscape.

To find out more about the RFP Alternative process or what technologies might be right for your business, contact us today.

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