How ThreatBlockr Coupled with Your SIEM Will Enhance Your Security Stack

We hate to tell you this, but firewalls are not enough anymore. Firewalls and other security products were once good enough, but today’s hackers are more sophisticated. Cyber intelligence is the proactive way to defend your company, and ThreatBlockr is the game changer that blocks every threat. Adding ThreatBlockr to your SIEM will enhance your security stack and enhance your MDR solution. Here’s how. 

What is ThreatBlockr? 

Firewalls and other security products was once good enough, but today’s hackers are more sophisticated. Adding ThreatBlockr to your existing security stack enhances your network defense. ThreatBlockr:

  • Blocks up to 150 million IP and domain indicators – 1000X what the most robust firewalls can handle
  • Immediately improves network protection with cyber intelligence that blocks known bad traffic from over 30 leading sources
  • Reduces traffic to your security stack by 30-50% making it perform better
  • Seamlessly integrates with you existing firewalls, SIEMs, SOARs, NDR, and MDR
  • Sets up in 30 minutes and the automation ensures that threat intelligence is always up to date – no more manual blocklists for your firewalls

Why isn’t a firewall enough for my cyber security?

Here is the reality: every cyber attack ever reported has gotten past a firewall at some point. This is because firewalls don’t detect everything. They detect and block known threats using their own proprietary threat intelligence which is a really narrow view of the threat landscape. Firewalls also have limited ability to integrate additional intelligence. A typical high end Palo Alto firewall can only handle 150k IP addresses in its external blocklist.

On the other hand, ThreatBlockr uses massive volumes of threat intelligence from over 30 different sources, including commercial, open source, industry, and government. Threatblockr can handle 150 million third party IP and domain indicators – 1000X what a firewall can handle under the same conditions. ThreatBlockr makes it easy for organizations to add threat intelligence from any source, whereas it is notoriously complex to add even small amounts of third party intelligence to a “big three” (Palo Alto, Fortinet, Cisco) firewall.

How does ThreatBlockr improve your SIEM? 

While SIEMs add value, they are reactive in nature. By the time you detect and respond it can be too late. ThreatBlockr is proactive. ThreatBlockr blockers known bad traffic on the network in real time using massive volumes of threat intelligence. Furthermore, SIEMs aggregate log data from various cybersecurity controls and other IT systems and apply analytics to the log data to detect threats. Many organizations integrate threat intelligence data into DIEMs to improve their ability to detect threats and to prioritize alerts. This is reactive and too slow to protect against today’s threats. ThreatBlockr log data provides valuable visibility into threats targeting an organization’s network. ThreatBlockr has powerful syslog export capabilities making it easy to integrate ThreatBlockr log data into SIEMs, significantly improves organizations’ detection and response efforts, to include triage and audit. 

How does ThreatBlockr enhance ZScaler security?

While Zscaler only protects outbound traffic, ThreatBlockr protects inbound and outbound traffic. It actually protects all traffic regardless of how it is generated or what software initiates it. Zscaler only protects web traffic incidents from supported web browsers. ThreatBlockr can also be deployed everywhere: on-prem, cloud, or “as-a-service. Zscaler can only be consumed as a cloud-based service. ThreatBlockr inspects packet header only. Zscaler can do deep packet inspection and content inspection. 

ThreatBlockr and Zscaler provide a complementary, layered security approach. ThreatBlockr provides network protection for both inbound and outbound connections and secures all traffic using massive volumes of best-in-class threat intelligence. Zscaler provides additional deeper inspection for end user Internet web-browser traffic. 

How does ThreatBlockr enhance your MDR solution?

MDR is fundamentally a service where you outsource security monitoring to a third-party service provider. It’s “eyes on glass.” MDR also effectively has the same challenge as integrating threat intel into a SIEM- it’s reactive, not proactive. By the time you react it may be too late. The majority of MDR providers are focusing on detection (“telling you something is wrong”) vs. response (actually doing something about it, or preventing it in the first place). 

ThreatBlockr uses threat intelligence proactively to block threats before they hit you network. It’s not necessarily ThreatBlockr or MDR; many customers use ThreatBlockr along with MDR. Threatblockr is a useful tool to enhance your security stack.

ProfitComm can bring ThreatBlockr and hundreds of other technology solutions to your doorstep, helping you run your company better. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo. 

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