How Text and SMS Can Reach Your Customers, Better

We all get about a million emails a day–or so it can feel. And with email, what you want to say can get lost in spam. At ProfitComm, we’ve been noticing that a lot of companies are now using text messages and SMS to reach their clients. Using SMS and texts in your communications can reach your customers where they are. Here’s why you should consider using text and SMS messaging with your clients, and the best ways to utilize texting services.

Texts are more engaging and better received. 

According to Brightlink, texts are more engaging and preferred by people in the US. We know that we won’t always answer a phone call from a number we don’t recognize, and we don’t see all the emails that we receive. However, 99% of texts are opened by users and 95% of texts are read. It is easy for your client or customer to see a simple message like, “Your appointment is booked for tomorrow” or “Time to schedule a follow-up” on their phone. Brightlink also reports that 90% of customers want to reach businesses through text.

SMS and MMS Messaging is Simple to Implement

At ProfitComm, the SMS and MMS providers that we work with utilize the cloud to make messaging simple and effective. Brightlink’s MessageView allows you to use an existing business telephone number to send messages from. You sign onto a portal using any browser on your computer or device and send and receive SMS and MMS messages in the portal. The Teligent® Interactive Solution also allows you to use a business number to receive and send SMS and MMS text messages, and respond to website chat inquiries. Bubble by Broadvoice offers customers an intuitive dashboard, where you can send and receive messages, schedule automated templates, and route messages to customer service agents, if needed. 

Another thing you can implement is enable a VOIP platform with texts. That way, you can use your existing phone system to send messages, just like you would make a phone call. 

SMS and Text Message Solutions Are Very Affordable

Many of our customers are surprised by how affordable SMS and text messaging services are. You can pay a per-user fee, or per message, or, you can set up an unlimited plan. We help you figure out your SMS and text message needs, and find the right plan that matches those needs. 

Tell Your Clients What They Need to Know

We’ve seen growth and utility of SMS messaging in the healthcare and medical fields. Instead of calling patients to remind them of an appointment or request that they schedule a follow-up, you can schedule a blast of messages. This allows you to maximize the time of your front desk employees, while making sure that patients show up to appointments. 

It can be used as a marketing tool, as well. Consider you are a grocery chain and send a message about Thanksgiving specials. If that generates 200 new orders for $100 each, you’ve generated a lot of revenue using an inexpensive platform. 

You can also utilize message blasts to follow up with prospective clients after meetings or conferences. You can let customers who opt in know about specials or promotions. And, instead of having call centers where customers are left waiting and representatives can only speak to one client at a time, you can have customers contact your service teams directly via text. 

Although many of the SMS services have similar offerings, they are not all the same. Using our RFP Alternative process, we figure out what you are looking for. Then, we help you evaluate vendors and find the right one for you. Contact us today to find out more about text and SMS messaging services for your business. 

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How Text and SMS Can Reach Your Customers, Better

At ProfitComm, we’ve been noticing that a lot of companies are now using text messages and SMS to reach their clients. Using SMS and texts in your communications can reach your customers where they are.

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