4 Things to Know About Communications Technology Upgrades in 2022

As we reach the end of the year, many companies are starting to plan for next year. This can include communications upgrades, like VOIP phone systems, SD-WAN, telecommunications services, and cloud services. If you are thinking of updating your communications technology in 2022, there are some things you need to know. Work from home and telework are continuing, but supply chain disruptions and shortages are still creating backlogs of technology devices. Here are 4 things you need to know before you do a communications upgrade in 2022. 

Plan ahead for technology upgrades in 2022. 

The chip shortage is real. Even if you are just going to buy a new mobile phone or computer as a holiday present, you may have noticed that items are on serious backorder. This chip shortage will continue into 2022. What does this mean for your communications technology updates? Plan ahead. Don’t expect that if you order new VOIP hard seats this week you’ll be able to get your phones next week. Polycom phones are almost impossible to get and vendors are quoting you on a cheaper phone. Similarly, if you are exploring getting mobile phones for your employees because they are working from home, be prepared to wait. Cell phone manufacturers are now starting to experience the chip shortage. 

At ProfitComm, we are not trying to sell you a specific service or item. Another service might sell you phones that are on backorder, and you won’t be able to get them for weeks. Instead, we find you the service that matches your needs. If you need phones next week, we make sure you are engaging a vendor that can actually get you phones next week. 

With technology upgrades in 2022, always be thinking about security. 

We’ve said it before (link to blog) and we’ll say it again: ransomware and cyber attacks will only be getting worse in years to come. Leading tech industry experts agree. Even smaller bad actors know they can get money out of small attacks, and threats to small businesses and nonprofits have been increasing. So, whatever upgrades to technology you are planning in 2022, make cyber security, data protection, and disaster recovery part of that planning. It is a lot easier (and cheaper) to back up data and protect it from hackers now than it is to deal with the stress, financial cost, and loss of reputation after an attack. 

People will be using AI more.

We know AI is coming and in reality, it’s already here. We use it with Siri and Alexa. Now, companies are using it to gauge how their customer service representatives are doing on calls or are having AI respond to easy inquiries on website chat popups. Additions to AI can allow your customers to get the response they need when and where they need it, and reserve your customer service representatives only for the tasks that require them. They are also using AI and machine learning in security, learning from what the bad guys are doing and how to react to it. 

Technology upgrades in 2022 will include cloud services.  

We’re now heading into the 4th wave of Covid-19 around the globe, and many large companies are keeping their workforces at home. If your employees are continuing to work from home, you’ll rely more and more on cloud computing. Employees work on files on shared drives, have video meetings and conferences, and take calls from home. All of these applications are driven by the cloud and require redundant networks to prevent outages, increased cloud storage, and the right speeds for the right applications. Similarly, if you are downsizing your office or need more server space, colocation or infrastructure as a service might be a better option for your business. Remote data centers can provide storage expansion, redundant power and cooling, and security. 

If you are considering any communications technology upgrades in 2022, contact us today. Using our RFP Alternative process, we can help you figure out what you need and when you need it, and then find vendors who only meet your qualifications. Contact us today to find out more. 

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