4 Resources ProfitComm Offers that Others Don’t

Traditionally, figuring out what technology or IT services you need and evaluating the providers is a headache. First, you have to figure out what you have, what can be improved, and where you will need to be in the years to come. Then, you narrow in on what you need, but hundreds of providers offer different things, some better than others. If you put out an RFP, you often get back proposals that don’t even speak to what your RFP asked for or that are missing key requirements that customize the solution for your unique needs. You have to wade through potentially dozens of responses only to realize that a small handful of vendors can actually do what you need exactly how you need it done. In our 20+ years in the business, we’ve seen this repeatedly and how much it frustrates customers. We have access to resources that can save you both time and money when choosing the right technology service and provider. Here are four resources that we offer our customers.

Our Pathfinder Tool Changes the RFP Game

With our Pathfinder tool, your team doesn’t need to waste time creating and managing the traditional RFP process. Instead, we use assessment tools to help you craft the project’s scope that is tailored to your specific needs.  You and your team don’t have to waste time sitting on countless calls or meetings to engage vendor resources.

We Can See All the Vendors At Once

Our Pathfinder tool also allows us to see the offerings of over 100 of the country’s best technology service providers at once. Rather than asking or researching what each provider can offer, we can create a dynamic matrix that shows who offers services like cloud, colocation, connectivity, SD-WAN, security, and VOIP/UCaaS/CCaaS. You’ll be able to easily see who the vendor is, what they offer, and know that the vendor can meet your needs.

The Fiber Tool Lets You See What Others Can’t

Moving to a new office? Changing spaces? Want to update your bandwidth services? Need redundant circuits to support cloud migrations?  Our Fiber Tool shows every lit building in the U.S. and every cable. You don’t have to guess which service you might be able to get; we can show you in minutes.

We Get You the Best Price

When many businesses are struggling, our resources allow us to see what the vendors are charging for the service they are offering. We can ethically pit the vendors against each other to drive the costs down. You don’t have to negotiate or go back and forth between vendors; we figure that out for you. We are also vendor agnostic, so our goal is to find you the best solution that meets your needs at very aggressive price points.

Working with ProfitComm allows your team to focus their time on making educated decisions rather than chasing quotes and vendors. Call us today or fill out the form to schedule a call and find out more. We’d love to show you the resources we have to change how you evaluate and manage technology services and vendors.

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