3 Things to Ask Your Team When Finding the Right Data Center

If you are considering how to find the right data center, you have to know how today’s data centers work. The way we use and store data has changed rapidly in the last few years. Before, many businesses had on-site servers that backed up their data. However, with increased offsite and remote work, increased need for data storage, and programs that require higher computing power, most businesses no longer see on-site servers as the best option. Data centers can support work remotely with cloud applications.

What is a data center? 

Data centers are facilities where businesses can store data and critical applications. More than just servers, they offer security, cooling systems, backup, network infrastructure, among other features.

How do you know which data center is best? 

Evaluating data centers can be complicated. Each business and each industry has different needs when it comes to data centers. Here are 3 things to ask when thinking about going to a data center or moving data centers.

Where should your data center be located? 

You may think that a data center can be anywhere in the world since it is backing up your data, much of which might be on the cloud. You actually don’t want it too far away, which would make it hard for your team to put their hands on the gear. However, most vendors offer blocks of remote hands-hours for basic functions. Another thing to consider with the distance is latency. If you are grabbing your data from the East Coast and you’re storing your data on the West Coast, you could experience latency as it travels across the country.  

What does your data center or storage situation look like today? 

Evaluate how many virtual servers, and vCPUs you have, as well as the RAM, provisioned disk space (TB) and total used disk space (TB). How much storage you are currently using and the anticipated growth will help you estimate how much storage you’ll need in the future. Also, do you want to physically move your servers to a location or rent space on other servers? You also have to consider your infrastructure platform, physical vs. virtual servers, operating system, and more. 

The three main components in pricing colocation are: how much power those machines are consuming, how much storage you need/ physical space you need, and how much bandwidth you need. 

What type of compliance do you need? 

Ask the compliance question up front so you do not waste time on demos or data center walk throughs for a vendor that cannot even meet your criteria. While a financial business might need high security with multiple back-ups, other industries might not need that high standard.

How can we help you find the right data center?

ProfitComm’s RFP Alternative for data centers starts with a series of questions that helps us analyze your needs. Then, we reverse engineer a dynamic matrix to only engage vendors who meet your criteria. Finally, we use our  20+ year proven process of managing vendor price quotes, short-listing vendors, contract negotiations, data center walk throughs and managed deployment to get you the best choice for what you need. You make the decision but ProfitComm helps you get there faster, at a lower cost, and with a vendor management expert in your corner.

Contact us today or schedule a demo to find out more about finding the right data center. 

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3 Things to Ask Your Team When Finding the Right Data Center

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