3 Reasons You Need an RFP Alternative

We’ve entered a new decade, which promises new technologies, services, and ways of doing business. In 2020, the traditional RFP process was no longer the best way to evaluate technology services and providers. The traditional customer-driven RFP process has been the way most businesses choose to evaluate technology vendors and services. This process meant businesses had to develop a Request for Proposals, then send it to potential service providers, wait for proposals, and then evaluate those proposals. Here are three reasons you might want to consider our new RFP Alternative.

Streamlining the RFP research process helps everyone.

The first step to finding a vendor used to mean creating the RFP. To know what you are looking for and which vendors to engage with, your team has to spend months or years researching. The world of technology services can be treacherous. All technology services are not the same. Not all vendors who say they can support a technology service can actually do it well.

How do you know what questions to ask? How do you know which vendors to engage with? Then, once you receive their responses, how do you know whether they are actually qualified? The traditional RFP process requires that your team become experts on an entire industry for every technology solution your company needs.

A new solution would do all of this for you. ProfitComm’s RFP Alternative allows you to use cutting-edge software to sort through dozens of services from over 100 vendors and build your technology needs assessment in days instead of months.

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it on RFP responses.

We’ve all been in this scenario: you are in a meeting with a vendor, and about 10 minutes into an hour-long meeting, you realize they aren’t the right fit. 50 more minutes of your time might be wasted, and there are so many other things you could be doing. This is what businesses face with RFPs and proposals all the time.

If you sent us an RFP for a new technology service you need, you’d get back hundreds of pages of proposals. If you’ve done it before, you know that three-quarters of them can’t meet your requirements. But the only way to figure out who does meet your needs is by reading every proposal, which wastes a lot of time.

A new solution would only engage the vendors you know can meet your requirements. ProfitComm’s RFP Alternative makes sure that vendors have exactly what you are looking for.

Traditional RFPs never give you the best value.

The traditional RFP process leaves a lot of pricing guesswork. When responding to your RFP, a vendor must guess the other vendors’ quotes. Then, they suggest a price that they believe positions their product or service the best among your options. Often, salespeople hold firm to the pricing to not lose any commission or don’t understand the competitive landscape or other vendors’ pricing. A vendor’s pricing might also be totally off since they are not offering the same service as another vendor.

A new solution would provide more accurate pricing and ethically pit vendors against one another to drive your costs down. ProfitComm’s RFP alternative leverages our position as the consultant. Hence, the vendor has a better chance of winning the deal, and the customer benefits by receiving extremely competitive pricing for the services they need.

ProfitComm’s RFP Alternative is the new solution that saves you time, money, and headaches. Our cutting-edge software allows you to make decisions about technology solutions and vendors in a third of the time, for as much as half of the project cost, and at a lower monthly cost. Contact us to find out more about our RFP Alternative today.

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