21 Leading SD-WAN Providers and What They Offer

SD-WAN (Software-Defined – Wide Area Network) is transforming cloud storage, making it more efficient and affordable for companies. With more meetings, telephone calls, and work being done over the internet, SD-WAN gives you the power to prioritize bandwidth, ensuring that the applications most critical to customer experience don’t skip a beat. The service offers simplified management, quicker turnup, better application performance, improved resiliency, and cost savings compared to traditional approaches.

Many businesses see the benefits of SD-WAN. However, many providers now offer SD-WAN services, and each has its own unique offerings, including managed, co-managed, or unmanaged solutions and different connectivity methods. Here are 21 of the market leaders offering SD-WAN services.


Aryaka offers managed SD-WAN as a subscription. They believe in a customer-obsessed culture to go above and beyond your needs. Aryaka can be activated anywhere in the world in a matter of days and offers excellent application performance.


AT&T’s SD-WAN network-based services connect branch locations to key business applications. This managed service can also direct traffic so that non-critical information is delivered over an inexpensive connection and critical or sensitive data is transferred over a private VPN.


VeloCloud® and Cisco-Meraki SD-WAN solutions are available through BCN. Offering these two systems allows customers to select a service that works for their requirements. VeloCloud works over broadband internet and private links for network agility and simplified branch implementation. Cisco-Meraki SD-WAN offers multi-site deployments, ensuring the highest, more secure performance of critical applications.

CATO Networks

CATO Networks specializes in SD-WAN. They built a could-native network to create a single, converged cloud service, which offers affordability and flexibility. Their SD-WAN services combine with their Secure Access Service Edge to create the Cato Cloud, a way to connect, secure, and manage your network.


CBTS’s SD-WAN capabilities offer a secure, resilient, and high-quality experience across multiple locations. They’ve built on VeloCloud’s technology to be more secure and purpose-built for a high-performance WAN. Their service uses a combination of software and cloud-based technologies to simplify the delivery of WAN services.

CenturyLink Channel Alliance

Members of CenturyLink Channel Alliance can select an SD-WAN solution that features a single, automated platform with centralized visibility and control. With strong security, real-time analytics, on-demand scalability, centralized control on a single dashboard, use of private and public networks, and secure internet access from remote locations creates a cohesive SD-WAN solution for your business.


AppFabric, the SD-WAN service offered by CloudGenix, allows businesses to use WAN in a branch office. It ensures that users receive the best performance possible with app integration across data centers, the cloud, or software as a service (Saas).

Comcast Business

Comcast Business offers a high-touch customer experience with their Active core SD-WAN. Customers receive monitoring, maintenance, and management, while also viewing their network performance on a management console. They also offer the same Active core platform with periodic consultation support.

Command Link

Incredible service and support are just as important to Command Link’s SD-WAN services as the fast speeds they offer customers.  They use Versa SD-WAN appliances, and intelligent application performance offers efficiency for cloud and SaaS applications, allowing them to work flawlessly over multiple WAN connections.


Granite’s SD-WAN services also offer high-touch customer service, 24/7/365 monitoring, rapid problem identification, and centralized orchestration. Their engineers and subject matter experts tailor a solution for your business’s SD-WAN needs.

Hypercore Networks

Partnering with large SD-WAN providers and managing small and large SD-WAN deployments, Hypercore networks help companies reduce costs through high-performance WAN.


Ignite offers managed SD-WAN services that include installation, monitoring, and management. They will help you determine what traffic should take priority. They offer three tiers of SD-WAN services based on your business needs.


Masergy offers customers a variety of SD-WAN solutions, including managed and co-managed options. They also allow you to mix and match network access, connect your cloud apps and services, choose between three tiers of security services, and manage your network in one place.


Using a combination of MPLS, broadband internet, and 4G-LTE, MetTel allows customers to manage their SD-WAN from one cloud-controlled branch device. Their Intelligent Automation proactively finds and fixes network issues, while encryption and firewall services protect data.


Netwolves also offers a fully managed SD-WAN network. Their analysts and system specialists offer 24/7/365 network monitoring to minimize downtime and disruptions to service. Their solutions are also carrier agnostic, allowing them to secure private and reliable connections across the country.


Nitel’s SD-WAN includes a fully integrated next-generation firewall and unified threat management to secure traffic for mobile and desktop use. You can also monitor sites, devices, and performance metrics on their web portal.


RapidScale’s offerings include great user experience, cost reduction, security, and automated network management. They also offer customizable SD-WAN solutions, including desktop as a service, infrastructure as a service, managed cloud security, and custom solution architecture.

Oracle + Talari Networks

Oracle’s SD-WAN leverages high bandwidth and inexpensive Internet connections to provide customers with great service at a low cost. Their multiple form factors allow them to support both small offices and large data centers. They also have a centralized management system so customers can view their traffic and performance and Orchestration Cloud, enabling the management of multi-cloud environments.


Working with bigleaf networks, Cisco Meraki, Fortinet, and VeloCloud, Spectrotel can offer a range of SD-WAN options. Their solutions offer high network resiliency, high-quality performance, holistic network visibility, and quick and easy network expansion.


TPX offers customers expanded bandwidth through their SD-WAN service, direct access to cloud applications, and seamless service insertion. They offer real-time monitoring, centralized configuration, and one-click virtual services. Their SD-WAN is based on private MPLS and broadband internet connections.


Verizon offers personalized, managed SD-WAN solutions for businesses. Their service includes design, configuration, and maintenance with application-aware routing. Private networks can be used for secure data, while public networks can send less critical data.

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